Why Siberian Mink Lashes is The Most Popular?

Why Siberian Mink Lashes is The Most Popular?


1. High Quality

Siberian Mink Lashes is the best quality lashes in the world. Siberian Mink is one of the softest fur types in the world, Superb smoothness, softness, flowing curls and rich black. Because individual mink fur hairs are virtually weightless and are about 3 times lighter in weight than their synthetic counterparts, Avon Lashes is one of the BestWholesale Lash Vendors , We are specialized in designing and making Siberian Mink Lashes.

2. Crulty Free and Vegan

Siberian Mink fur is obtained by lightly brushing live mink during the shedding season on free-range farms. No animals were harmed in the process. Siberian mink are carefully tended and fed by farmers in a free-range environment. Since the best quality fur comes from the highest quality of care, farmers must comply with the different nutritional needs of minks during growth and reproduction, as well as strict government and agricultural regulations to ensure the highest standards of humane care.

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