What Is The Metamorphosis Of The Box?

What Is The Metamorphosis Of The Box?

  • First let’s look at the process of customizing the box

step 1: make sure that the customer likes the sample of The Lash Boxes. There are mainly two situations: one is that the customer selects the sample of the box he likes in our box catalog; the other is that the customer brings his own box case for special customization.
Step 2: Ask if you have your own LOGO. There are also two situations: one is that customers have their own LOGO; the other is that they don’t have their own LOGO, and we have a professional design team to design for customers for free.
Step 3: Design a box that conforms to the customer’s LOGO and its theme. In the process of determining the final result, carefully and repeatedly communicated with the client on the details of the design.

  • Take a look at our box after it is deformed

Butterfly box:Wholesa LevendorsUsing special printing technology, the butterfly on the box will not fall off the paint.



Custom Eye Lashpacking

Curtain Lash Packaging :The water curtain shape and bright colors are used as the main decoration of the lid, and the interior uses the same color as the lid as the low card color. The whole style reveals feminine tenderness.


Custom Lash Box

Money Custom Boxes: The elements of the entire box are based on US dollars, and rose pink is the main color. The unique personality is undoubtedly revealed.

Eye Lash Packaging

Marble Packaging: The marble pattern is matched with neat white and black to create an atmospheric atmosphere.


Eyelashes Case

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