What Is The Difference Between Mink Eyelashes And False Eyelashes

What Is The Difference Between Mink Eyelashes And False Eyelashes

he following two pictures are the same series and the same model of Mink Eyelashes and faux eyelashes. Can you see the difference between the two?


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How to distinguish them from a professional perspective to make better purchases. Next, I will lead you to conduct an in-depth discussion from the following aspects:

  • Different materials

Mink eyelashes: It is made of different levels of mink skins. The levels of mink skins are: SAGA, crown and velvet, among which velvet is the best.

Faux eyelashes: Faux  Eyelashes, commonly known as chemical fiber eyelashes, are a kind of man-made fiber, which is made of synthetic fiber and is woven by a sharpening process.

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  • Different wearing effect

    Mink eyelashes: Mink eyelashes are made of mink fur, and their gloss, softness and naturalness are closer to the real human eyelashes.

          False Eyelashes: synthetic eyelashes, which are generally stiff and unnatural, but the price is relatively cheap.

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  • Different life span

Mink eyelashes: As a  Mink Eyelashes  Wholesaler, our mink eyelashes can be reused 15-20 times.

Chemical fiber eyelashes: basically belong to disposable eyelashes

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