What Is A Strong And Safe Glue

What Is A Strong And Safe Glue

 Avon eyelash wholesaler is not only providing high-quality mink eyelashes, but also providing customers with strong and safe Eyelash Glue.



Eye Lash Glue Custom

  • Meeting customer needs is our most basic service attitude

Eye Lash Glue Wholesale

  • High safety factor is our confidence to customers

Our Lash Glue is mainly made of synthetic resin as the main raw material. And the eyelash glue has been tested by SGS, ROSH, EU and other related institutions. Environmental protection, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dry and transparent, no trace, no eye injury. Sensitive and fragile skin can be used with confidence. Eyelash glue has super strong adhesion and can achieve fast-drying strength.

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