What A Beautiful Eyelash Book

What A Beautiful Eyelash Book

The avonlashes Eyelash Vendors not only provides a pair of Eyelash Packaging , but also multiple pairs of eyelash books. To meet the different needs of different customers.


Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

  • what is inside

The Custom Eyelash Packaging not only has the 3 pairs of high-quality Siberian mink eyelashes you want, but also the glue and tweezers you like.

Custom Lash Packaging

  • customizable

If there is no LOGO, we have a professional design team, we can help you design the logo you want on the box for free, and let you check after receiving your order payment, we will start production after you agree to the design. So don’t worry.
If there is a LOGO, we can print your LOGO on the Lashes Packaging Box you want for free.

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