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The Correct Steps To Wear False Eyelashes

What is more eye-catching nature look good? Of course, in addition to eye liner and eye shadow, eyelashes is also a very important part of the. False eyelashes wear good to show the natural enlargement of the eye makeup effect, showing a more attractive large eye makeup, the whole person’s temperament will improve a lot. So, how to paste the natural false eyelashes look good? The correct steps to wear false eyelashes you have a good grasp?







Step 1: hot eyelashes. First, select the eye shadow color for makeup, eye shadow smear, followed by the eyelashes, a lot of MM under the lashes different shapes, tools can be used electric eyelash lashes under the eyelashes is divided into before and after the three segments are divided into Ironing.






Step 2: Lower eyelid modification. After the lower lashes are hot, use the brown eye shadow in the triangle area for the second half of the lower eyelid to smudge it evenly and magnify the effect of both eyes.








Step 3: Draw an eyeliner. Then use the black eyeliner or eyeliner pen along the roots of eyelashes draw eyeliner, the bottom of the eyelashes can focus the second half.






Step 4: Trim false eyelashes. Eyeliner is good, followed by the eyelashes, before using the false eyelashes, scissors can be trimmed to repair the length of the eye, so the beauty effect is better.


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