How To Brush Mascara Will Not Have Flies Legs 6 Steps To Let You Avoid Flies Legs

Brush mascara, the biggest difficulty is easy to like a flies legs, today, I will give you a brush how to brush mascara brush no flies legs. Beauty girl learn it!

Cause “flies legs” reasons 1. Paste is too wet, too much fiber, make eyelash load. 2 .Brush head is not close enough, can not take into account all the eyelashes, resulting in eyelashes caking together. 3 is too much brush eyelash tip, eyelashes so top-heavy weight. How to say goodbye to flies legs

In the choice of eyelash products brush head is very important, the smaller the partial type more able to take care of subtle eyelashes

Before brushing the eyelashes, it is necessary to squeeze too much fibrous body on the paste in the mouth of the bottle.

Brush eyelashes, the first brush the bottom of eyelashes fixed, and then brush the tip of 3d mink eyelashes;

Brush eyelashes, you can prepare a small steel comb comb eyelashes.


Tip: Brush the mascara after smearing the eyelash extension fluid must reduce the number of brush, it is easy to brush into the fly legs.

In fact, farewell flies legs is very simple, if you think the summary is too concise, then take a look at the detailed steps to master the following mascara brush the correct make-up skills, so that your eyelash Longqiao match.

Brush eyelashes step

Preparation steps: clip Alice eyelashes

First eyelash curler Alice, the first folder out of curvature, then brush mascara to maintain such a volume.

Step 1. Eyelash cream

Eyelashes are relatively short people, you can first use a fiber lashes at the end of cream base.

Step 2. Open the eyelashes

With a small steel comb to just open the fiber, there will be no flies feet.

Step 3. Hit the foundation – strengthen the eyelashes roots

With the “top” way, only to strengthen the roots in the eyelashes, like eyelashes to fight the foundation, stabilize the base, so that eyelashes have the power to support, after not easy to dejected.

Step 4. The first eye center

Eyelashes above the dark eyes will brush to the front.

Step 5. Eye-end eyelashes

Eye lashes are toward the direction of the temple brush.

Step 6. Eyelash eyelashes

It is to the direction of the brow brush, brush the right direction, the eyelashes will bloom like a flower like a radial, rather than tangled together.

Eyelash brush Note

After doing brush the second layer: Remember when mascara brush, no matter how many layers you want to brush, have to wait until after the mascara brush.

At any time with a small steel comb finishing: Brush eyelashes if the process of tangled situation, at any time with a small steel comb combed.

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