We have more than 100 workers for eyelash production
Monthly output of 100,000 boxes | Free samples in 2 days | Lead time: 5-10 days

More than 10 Years of Experience

Qingdao Avon Lashes Co Ltd is a specialized eyelash manufacturer with a range of# 3D Mink Lashes # 3D Silk Lashes # Faux Mink Lashes # Human Hiar Lashes # Horse Hair Lashes # Custom Eyelashes Box products that have taken the eyelash industry by storm. As one of leading lash factories in China, we have been in this business for more than 10 years.

Exporting to Europe, North America, Japan and Australia

Our main products are all kinds of eyelash products, including silk synthetic lashes/3D mink stripe lashes and all kinds of tools since 2001. The smoothness, thickness and durability of our eyelash products have earned us good reputation worldwide, mainly in Europe, North and South America, and Australia.

Meeting Customers’ Requirements

We have our own factory, our monthly production capacity averages is 100,000 boxes of eyelash products. Relying on high output volume, top quality products, prompt delivery and excellent service, we are able to satisfy customers’ changing needs effectively. OEM/ODM requests accepted.

Supported by Strong R&D and Production Team

Our company has a strong R&D and production team. We endeavor to provide most premium products and best
pre-sales, in sale and after sales service. We can do OEM and ODM according to customer’s request.


We have export our Lashes to all over the world

we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, the US, South Korea, Australia, Canada and other countries worldwide. We can supply high-quality lashes with reasonable prices to wholesalers around the world. As to the styles, we supply 3D mink eyelash extensions, faux mink eyelash extensions, individual eyelashes, Y-lashes and W-lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own logo and brand name. We also can duplicate the lashes based on your samples. In addition, we provide OEM/ODM services.

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With advantages of no MOQ, fast delivery, best quality and satisfying service, our factory is always engaged in expanding our new customer range as well as keeping long term good relationship with our regular customer. Call us now.

Wholesale factory price best soft style 3d mink lashes

best soft style 3d mink lashes are of course a powerful and invaluable weapon for women to use against men-a simple batting of the lashes and the female can get almost anything they want! Not every female is endowed with wonderful lashes, because not many of us had the right genes. Some of them even resort to lash surgery so as to get the lash length they wanted. However, it is also true that this technique is not the best resort. We can say that it is extremely costly, impractical, and might cause infections and irritations. The convenient and highly effective solution: Idol lash extensions!

Our lashes new design and is top selling

A plethora of women prefer to utilize 3D Mink Lashes, eye lash extension, eyelash curlers and eye makeup as well for the illusion of thicker and longer best soft style 3d mink lashes. In actual, this seems like the most practical thing to do, however think of a significant amount of money you spend on make up and accessories to obtaining the longer lash look. More to the point, some products available for the same purpose may do more damage and good to your eyes, slowing down growth of your eyelashes.

Therefore, you can get an eyelash growth product available in the cosmetic market. You can find a lot of products with different price ranges and ingredients as well. The main thing is that they also vary when it comes to their effectiveness. However, it is also true that one of the most in-demand products that stood out is Idol Lash. Good news is that the eye lash extension product is all natural and extremely safe and convenient to use, for it is proven to cause no allergic reactions or irritations to the eye lids area. You can even wear makeup and lashes along with the product. It has been clinically proven to be hundred per cent safe to use on the eyes.

Cheap price and fast delivery

It is wise to pair the Idol eyelash regrowth product with a balanced and healthy diet. If possible try to get enough intakes of nutrients and vitamins. Take a plethora of fruits and vegetables as well. Don’t forget to take food items that are rich in protein in order to stimulate hair growth, for hair is made up mostly of protein. Your daily diet should have the necessary nutrients including sulphur, silica, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and zinc. The effects of this amazing product is almost instant-in less than 3 weeks, you will soon notice your eyelashes become fuller, thicker and longer.

Taking OEM and ODM Orders of Custom  Eyelashes Box Packing

We are able to take OEM and ODM orders of both Mink Eyelashes Box packing, Please check below which style do you like ?