The Correct Steps To Wear False Eyelashes

What is more eye-catching nature look good? Of course, in addition to eye liner and eye shadow, eyelashes is also a very important part of the. False eyelashes wear good to show the natural enlargement of the eye makeup effect, showing a more attractive large eye makeup, the whole person’s temperament will improve a lot. So, how to paste the natural false eyelashes look good? The correct steps to wear false eyelashes you have a good grasp?







Step 1: hot eyelashes. First, select the eye shadow color for makeup, eye shadow smear, followed by the eyelashes, a lot of MM under the lashes different shapes, tools can be used electric eyelash lashes under the eyelashes is divided into before and after the three segments are divided into Ironing.






Step 2: Lower eyelid modification. After the lower lashes are hot, use the brown eye shadow in the triangle area for the second half of the lower eyelid to smudge it evenly and magnify the effect of both eyes.








Step 3: Draw an eyeliner. Then use the black eyeliner or eyeliner pen along the roots of eyelashes draw eyeliner, the bottom of the eyelashes can focus the second half.






Step 4: Trim false eyelashes. Eyeliner is good, followed by the eyelashes, before using the false eyelashes, scissors can be trimmed to repair the length of the eye, so the beauty effect is better.

Simple Tips To Teach You Brush Super Thick Eyelashes

Brush eyelashes, but very skillful Oh! Why some people can put the eyelash brush Alice and thick, but some people brush the mascara, the eyelashes are glued together, and even “flies legs”? Do not blame mascara not easy to use, after all, is your own technology has not got home Oh! However, some MM will be distressed, how to practice their own or can not brush long thick curly thick eyelashes! It does not matter, I’ll tell you a few tips now, as long as the mastery of them, you can easily brush super thick eyelashes oh!








1.Before applying mascara, first brush the loose powder on the eyelashes! Did not expect it, in fact, the powder brush on the eyelashes, can make your eyelashes look more dense, but also avoid mascara brushing caking!






2. Be sure to remember curling your eyelashes with your eyelash curler before applying mascara. And then use black mascara from the roots, was Z-shaped brush eyelashes repeatedly, so that the eyelashes look more three-dimensional sense, which will make your eyes a lot of amplification.








3. If you want to be a real master mascara, rely on a mascara is not enough! The two different effects of mascara with the use of eyelashes will make them thick and slender! Of course, the mascara is also very particular. You should first use mascara with thick function, because of its more fat composition, can thicken the eyelashes. When it is completely dry, use slender mascara.






4. If you want to paint a thick eyelashes, gestures need to start from the bottom, from bottom to top (do not brush Z font). Each time you finish painting, you must comb each eyelashes with an eyelash comb to prevent them from agglomerating. Repeat the same method with brush 2 to 3 times. However, you need to be aware that you must make sure that the mascara is applied a second time before it is dry.






5. If you want your eyelashes look more layered, you can use different mascara color to achieve this goal. First in the upper lashes from the roots began to brush a layer of dark mascara, and then brush the tip part of the eyelashes brush a lighter mascara. The company is located in:






6. If the mascara due to improper storage and dried, you can drop a little perfume to soften mascara. When you are anxious to use, you can use mascara heating hair dryer, can be used immediately, but this method is only for expired mascara. If the time has passed the shelf life, you do not need to throw away, use the brush head to brush the eyebrows, make your eyebrows more stylish. In addition, you can use mascara to clean the brush head, turn it into “eyelashes comb”, very convenient and practical.








7. Want to make eye makeup looks gorgeous even more attractive yet dignified? Very simple, eyelash at the upper and lower brush different mascara. Select color mascara if you do not want the effect is too exaggerated, you can in the upper eyelashes brush black, eyelashes in the brush on the color.






8.False eyelashes is an essential tool to enhance the contours of the eye! Choose that sparsely-colored false eyelashes that looks natural when combined with real eyelashes. After sticking false eyelashes, use a layer of mascara to gently brush, so that your eyelashes and false eyelashes together, it will make the effect more realistic. Of course, sticking false eyelashes is very tricky, initially try not to apply too much glue to the roots of eyelashes. The true method of pasting false eyelashes is to squeeze an appropriate amount of false eyelashes on the back of the hand glue and hold the eyelashes with tweezers and then apply a proper amount of glue. To be plastic semi-dry, carefully put false eyelashes on the eyelids close to the roots of eyelashes. Paste first in the central fixed position of the eye, and then gently pushed to both sides.


How To Brush Mascara Will Not Have Flies Legs 6 Steps To Let You Avoid Flies Legs

Brush mascara, the biggest difficulty is easy to like a flies legs, today, I will give you a brush how to brush mascara brush no flies legs. Beauty girl learn it!

Cause “flies legs” reasons 1. Paste is too wet, too much fiber, make eyelash load. 2 .Brush head is not close enough, can not take into account all the eyelashes, resulting in eyelashes caking together. 3 is too much brush eyelash tip, eyelashes so top-heavy weight. How to say goodbye to flies legs

  1. In the choice of eyelash products brush head is very important, the smaller the partial type more able to take care of subtle eyelashes
  2. Before brushing the eyelashes, it is necessary to squeeze too much fibrous body on the paste in the mouth of the bottle.
  3. Brush eyelashes, the first brush the bottom of eyelashes fixed, and then brush the tip of eyelashes;
  4. Brush eyelashes, you can prepare a small steel comb comb eyelashes.

Tip: Brush the mascara after smearing the eyelash extension fluid must reduce the number of brush, it is easy to brush into the fly legs.

In fact, farewell flies legs is very simple, if you think the summary is too concise, then take a look at the detailed steps to master the following mascara brush the correct make-up skills, so that your eyelash Longqiao match.

Brush eyelashes step

Preparation steps: clip Alice eyelashes

First eyelash curler Alice, the first folder out of curvature, then brush mascara to maintain such a volume.






Step 1. Eyelash cream

Eyelashes are relatively short people, you can first use a fiber lashes at the end of cream base.







Step 2. Open the eyelashes

With a small steel comb to just open the fiber, there will be no flies feet.







Step 3. Hit the foundation – strengthen the eyelashes roots

With the “top” way, only to strengthen the roots in the eyelashes, like eyelashes to fight the foundation, stabilize the base, so that eyelashes have the power to support, after not easy to dejected.








Step 4. The first eye center

Eyelashes above the dark eyes will brush to the front.








Step 5. Eye-end eyelashes

Eye lashes are toward the direction of the temple brush.








Step 6. Eyelash eyelashes

It is to the direction of the brow brush, brush the right direction, the eyelashes will bloom like a flower like a radial, rather than tangled together.

Eyelash brush Note

After doing brush the second layer: Remember when mascara brush, no matter how many layers you want to brush, have to wait until after the mascara brush.

At any time with a small steel comb finishing: Brush eyelashes if the process of tangled situation, at any time with a small steel comb combed.

How To Determine The Type Of Eyelashes

Due to the importance of eyelashes in facial features, many women always rely on multiple pinch and mascara smear to finish makeup go out. In fact, if you can correctly determine the type of eyelashes, select the targeted makeup method, the arrival of the beautiful will become more effective.

1, Delicate soft short eyelashes     

Just shallow shallow eyelashes, people feel very spiritless, not to mention the modified eye-shaped, but a slight improvement, thin soft eyelashes this “soft” character can also make you look like the Japanese comics in the refined Oh princess With a feather fiber black mascara, soft eyelashes will be like a black fog gently around the eyes Oh.

Solution: Pairing thick mascara. Prominent curling and slender features, as well as the effect of thick black, outlines the perfect eyes of the delicate princess.

2, Slender soft straight eyelashes

Because slender eyelashes are too soft, so that there is no support for this eyelash at all, “weak” personality led to mascara gently brushed to the lower eyelid brush. T stage soft cat eye makeup, large deep in Europe and the United States in the eyes, depending on the root clear eyelashes; light plume curled eyelashes dotted three-dimensional embellishment.

Solution: Matching brush type slender mascara. The bristles in the brush head can easily brush a sufficient amount of mascara on the eyelashes, while the tooth comb can evenly distribute the mascara on each eyelashes, which in turn curls the eyelashes.

3,Deep straight straight eyelashes

Straight long eyelashes straight forward, giving the impression that the eyes will look like “upside down”, showing a pair of frown pains. Therefore, this “upright” character, but also the modification of eyelash curler. Delicate exquisite eyelashes lines, the whole body out of the kind of dumping all the people’s temperament, emitting a full Royal sister Fan.

Solution: Matching curling stereotype mascara. Rotating mechanism with the unprecedented spiral brush, to show noble elegance, presumably this is one of the attractive elements of the Royal Sister it







4, Playful charming Alice eyelashes

Thick eyelashes, even if no eyeliner also seems a simple upper eyeliner, “rigid” character want to roll up the moment, with the best length of high heels, simply choose a slender mascara, when applied to avoid “Flies feet”, so instantly your eyelashes like wearing high heels with charm, why not?

Solution: Pair slender mascara. Use a variety of ultra-fine wax together with delicate factors, accurately cover each eyelash from root to tip. Plastic styling gel curls and fixed eyelashes, creating the perfect makeup effect.

5, Cute curly short eyelashes

Often it’s hard to see upturned arcs from the front, so there’s always a feeling of being small and not focused. Want to modify the short Alice this “gentle” character, create cute lines Lolita eye makeup, how can a lack of natural long eyelashes?

Solution: Lan eyelashes nourishing cream. Natural curled long eyelashes can lift weightlessly look like a good jewelry can bring amazing results, the potential of women to become more beautiful themselves.


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